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We liaise directly with a Ceramics Manufacturer that is able to produce the following:

Hotel, Restaurant and Household Ceramic items, some of these being: 
  • Beer Mugs/Tankards 
  • Coffee Mugs 
  • Special Mugs
  • Sports Mugs
  • Soup Mugs
  • Bowls
  • Demijons
  • Milk and Water Jugs
  • Money Boxes
  • Plates - Dinner, Fish and Side Plates
  • Promotional special items
  • Tea cups and saucers
  • Salt and Pepper sets
  • Signage - in ceramics
  • Ashtrays
  • Wine Cooler
  • Water or Schnaps Bottle

Whether these items are for your Hotel, Restaurant, Guest Lodge, Company or merely as a private family collection, we are able to produce something special just for you. 

Individual Requirements:
Hand-made pottery items, to your individual requirements, can also be manufactured. 

There is a wide range of samples and existing moulds from which to choose. Alternatively, if you require something very special to be created exclusively for you, a new mould can be designed to accommodate your specific requirements.

Or you supply your own ceramic items and the factory will apply only the logo for you, using the on-glaze transfer process.

Corporate Branding (in colour on  ceramics and on certain glass items)  

A wide range of branding options is offered, by application of transfers to ceramics or glass.  Any logo, piece of text or picture can be applied to most of these items.

This factory specialises in the application and 'firing' of on-glaze decal printing of a logo, in either single or full colour transfers to the outside and inside of coffee mugs and many other ceramic items.

Please click on images below to view larger image and details.

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       Beer Mugs                  Castle Set                      Cone Mugs                    Coloured Mugs

HyperLink   HyperLink   HyperLink   HyperLink
   Slimline & Martini              Special Mugs               Cappuccino Set                 Dinner Set

HyperLink   HyperLink   HyperLink   HyperLink
       Soup Bowls                Egg Cup Holders      Schnaps & Demijohns    Special Designs

HyperLink          HyperLink            HyperLink            HyperLink
    Teapot Set                           Glassware                      Wine Cooler              Ceramic Horse Heads

HyperLink           HyperLink
                 Sports Mugs                                     Ashtrays      

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