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For a list of cigars and description of their characteristics, please click here

The Cohiba Siglo II Cuban Cigar Box above is one of the Premium quality cigars.
The size of the Cohoba Box is 11.5cm x 15cm x 8.5cm.

All Cigar Boxes contain 25 cigars. 

Empty cigar boxes can also be supplied depending on availability of stock at the time of ordering. 

The cigars are all different in sizes, so the boxes are not the same sizes but they are all the same make.

All Cigar Boxes are all made from Cedar Wood which ensures the cigars are kept moist.

Cigars, whether Premium or Budget quality, come in their own box. 

They can also be bought individually.  These are presented in a glass or aluminium tube to help keep the cigar moist.

We have a wide selection of both the Premium and Budget Quality cigars that are available. 
The names mentioned here are some of the brands that are in high demand.

All these Cuban Cigars are directly imported from Cuba.

The Epicure Box shown above contains the Hoyo Epicure No. 2 Premium Cigar.
The size  of the Epicure Box is 14cm x 13.5cm x 10cm.

The Habana Cuban Cigar Box shown above contains the Partagas Premium quality cigar.
The size of the Habana Box is 14cm x 27.4cm x 5.2cm.

This is the Montecristo Cigar Box containing the Montecristo No. 5 Premium quality cigar.
The size of the Montecristo Box is 11.5cm x 20.5cm x 3.5cm.

Cigars illustrated above, show the glass and aluminium tubes in which individual cigars are presented.

The Romeo and Juliet No. 3 Budget quality cigar is presented in the aluminium tube above.

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