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Murals - and other hand painted art

After many years working in the art world as art teacher, lecturer in Art History and Theory and as curator of major South African Art Galleries, Frances van Melsen has been a full time artist for the past eight years.

She is proud to mention that she has been commissioned by Game Lodges, Hotels and Interior Designers, as well as by private homes both in South Africa as well as overseas. 

Her stunning Murals have gone into entrance halls and patios (like the Sea Mural which was sent to the United States of America).  She also paints very small items and her beautiful works of art (of birds, flowers, fruit, etc.) have gone into kitchens and bathrooms in homes around Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America.

Frances also paints on wood, slate, tiles and canvas.  She is able to paint any subject you would like (although her speciality is birds).  Sometimes people bring her a photograph of a particular subject to be painted - like the painting of the steam train and the two big slates for an Indian Temple - "Radha" and "Krishna". 

For further information on Frances' breath taking, hand painted works of art and how she can create a unique piece especially for you, please contact us.

Please click on  images below to view larger image.

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Sea Mural Irises Strelitzias African Scene

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Steam Train Bee-Eater Two Fruits Kingfisher

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Swallows Krishna Radha Shell 01

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Shell 02 Shell 03 Autumn Mist Moonflower

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Fragments Mixed Sunburst Bird Collection

Images © 2009 Frances van Melsen. All Rights Reserved

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